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National Day Greek Cypriot 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

Greek Cypriot National Day is annually observed by the Cypriots on April 1.

Commemorating the establishment of EOKA, a Greek Cypriot nationalist organization.

EOKA was organized in the 1950s to fight for the country's independence from Britain and unification between Greece and Cyprus.

The major event was on April 1, 1955, when the organization started military actions against Britain.

It launched simultaneous attacks on the British controlled Cyprus Broadcasting Station in Nicosia, on the British Army's Wolseley barracks and on targets in Famagusta.

The military struggle continued till 1959 hoping that the British would grant their petition.

EOKA declared a cease fire on August 16, 1960 under the Z├╝rich agreement. According to it, Cyprus achieved independence from the United Kingdom, but the union with Greece was denied.

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